Adobe Analytics (Omniture)

Analytics-Mystery helps you to get the maximum output of your investment on Adobe Analytics.

We develop, debug and deploy Adobe Analytics code through different tag management tool, like Adobe Launch, Ensighten, Segment. We work with IT operational team to setup DataLayer for robust and accurate tracking.

We work with Product team to get the Analytics requirement and provide Adobe Analytics solution.

We work with Adobe-Analytics-Admin to configure variables and metrics. We create SDR for each variable, so your can refer when to use which variable.

We work with Analyst to create report, Ad-hoc Analysis, report scheduling, Click-Stream Data Analysis.

We work with marketing team to set-up External/Internal campaign. We help to create First touch, Last touch and Multi channel report.

We do SAINT (Adobe Classification) implementation for your specific needs. We can help to setup your click-stream data collection.

Analytics-Mystery has experience and technical knowledge on provided solution for complex and comprehensive analytics needs.

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