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About Us

Our Core value as a company are not just built to deliver quality results, instead it is built on the passion we have for the Analytic’s Industry. We take immense pride in building our own analytics community where ideas are welcomed, debated, tested and finally included in our “Analytics Mystery” Box. All our Web Analytics consultants have over 10+ years experience & are Certified Adobe (Omniture) & Google Analytics Architects.


Analytics-Mystery is the partner of your digital team. We don’t believe on selling hour’s instead we believe on being a partner on your journey. We provide a wide range of solutions right from implementation, reporting, audit & train users for all your digital analytics needs. We are certified professionals in Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics with broader range of domain expertise, especially in Retail & Travel Industry.

We Measure

We do the analytics implementation for ecommerce and non-ecommerce site. We are certified professional for Web analytics and Mobile App analytics implementation.

We Report

We create and maintain reports on your collected data. We schedule report so you can have data at a time when you need it most.

We Monitor

We set up alerts on your data collection, so you can have notification if any of your KPI is either broken or unknown traffic trying to influence your data.

We Audit

We audit website/apps to make sure all KPI’s are in place. We can partner with your IT team to setup “Data Layer”. We work with you to enhance your site performance and conversion rate.

We Educate/Train

We provide training on Adobe Analytics/Omniture & Google Analytics, so your team can go above and beyond to spot actionable insights and anomalies in your data.

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